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WIGS for Women

The dictionary defines the wig as an artificial covering of hair for all or most of the head, of either synthetic or natural hair worn to be stylish or more attractive. Wigs are made primarily to cover the head and they are made with either natural human hair, animal or synthetic fiber that could be worn for fashion, cultural tradition and religious observance. The word wig is coined from periwig and it made its appearance in our English language circa 1675.  With this definition, a lot has been said already concerning the subject matter – wig, for those with fore-sights when it comes to fashion and outside it. Let me drift a bit from the main focus of the subject matter which is majorly wigs for women – beautification of women’s hairdo by wearing wigs made for them for that purpose just to make a look.

The first paragraph of this write up has two words underlined somewhere in between the penning so far. This shows that wigs can be diversified since they act as a covering to the human head apart from wanting to look great fashionably. Wigs can be chosen as a favorable option for medical therapies since it is less expensive for men who cannot afford hair transplants as result of baldness to improve appearance. Some professions like “law” accommodate the use of wigs as an obligation for lawyers and jurists. Wigs are also worn to portray characters’ in movies and in such motion pictures production, for the actresses, wigs for women are usually provided for the portrayal of those characters’ if it is an epic or adventure production to show the trend at the time of existence and fashion sense of the people of such movie productions – for instance, the western roman empire, monarchs of England and French just to name a few.

Apart from women wanting to look great in wigs, some women with medical conditions that resulted in loss of hair either due to cancer or thinning hair opt for wigs to enhance their appearance. Fashion wise, wigs are made from synthetic materials and human hair alike. And either of this is obtainable depending on your preference which could bet on your purse or quality sense of excellence.  Synthetic wigs for women are made from plastic and silicon-based products. They come in different appearance, quality and type.  They can be heat-styled and even appear 100% glossier than human wigs for women for the case of platinum wigs, the downside to synthetic wigs for women is that, they cannot be colored since they are made from plastic and silicon-base products. Synthetic wigs are quite affordable by any woman of fashion because they are cheap compared to human wigs.

Human wigs for women are made from human hairs. They are quite expensive and last longer compared to synthetic wigs for women. Withstanding heat styling is not an issue; they can be colored and cut since their source is from humans. There are different styles of wigs for women that are available in the market and beauty stores downtown the streets. These styles come with names and price tags. Some of them are: Risk at $247.95, Vogue at $214.95, Cat at $214.95, Cher at $255.95, Pretty at $234.95. Wigs for women are numerous, depending on what you are looking for to have that sparkling look.



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