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Lili’s Touch Collections Big Appearance On Cyn Santana’s Fashion Show: Miami’s Epic Hotel

Lili's Touch Collections made the magic happen!

When the beautiful Cyn Santana of “Love and Hip Hop” graced the stage of the Epic Hotel in Miami to promote her clothing line (NU) in August 2015, the producers of the show consulted one hair company to represent at the event: Lili’s Touch Collections.

Lili's Touch and Cyn Santana

The show was beyond fashion as many women who took part in it were inspired in a form or another by many whizzes ranging from fashion, law, real estate, motivation etc. sharing their expert and invaluable advice empowering and encouraging the women in attendance.

Adorned with beautiful style, Miss Cyn as usual, had no single hair out of place along with an impeccable face coveted by many. However, one of the aspect of the extravaganza of the day that struck me the most is that, she gave back to the community in the form of offering a total makeover to a lucky winner, single mother and resident of Dade County.

The triumphant young lady, Christine, was styled by none other than Award-Winner hair stylist, Lili, CEO & founder of Lili’s Touch Collections,

“Christine is a 21 year old mother who just gave birth to a handsome baby boy and she has had some low self-esteem issues. After reading her email, I was touched and wanted to make sure I made her feel as beautiful as she is,” says Lili.

Coiffed to perfection, the grand prize winner was exhilarated and proud to wear her Lili’s Touch Collections hair on the outside, showing off the chicest sides her impressive beauty. As hair is the crown of women, Lili made sure that she gave her the best hair from her collections and took careful time styling the most sought after Brazilian hair extension on her head. Not one piece of her tresses was out of place. Her confidence was as high as her self-esteem revealed by the bright smile glazing on her face from the time of her being coiffed to the time of her introduction as the winner, up until the end of the glamorous event.

In a society pervades with negativity and abuse on women, this could not have been a better time than this for Lili’s Touch Collections to be part of such an educating, uplifting and empowering of women. This was not just a show but service to the community. We were grateful to be among those, such as the two super talented and beautiful Felisha Monet and Supa Cindy of 99Jamz, who came to make a difference.

Lili’s Touch Collections, which provides 100% Virgin hair extensions on the market is in its nascent stage. However, with veteran stylist and hair connoisseur, Lili, its popularity is increasing with satisfied customers creating raving adulation in regards to our products. In fact, Cyn Santana herself couldn’t wait to get her hands on our collections. And seeing first-hand the transformation of Christine, she was even more adamant to grab a piece from our hair collections.

Without any qualms, Lili’s Touch Collections will definitely be working with more celebrities in the future. We will create memorable experiences, giving back to the community and keep followers delighted with talks of hair, beauty and intriguing anecdotes.


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