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Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is very serious among women of all ages and ethnicity but more so among female of African descent.

Do you have a weak and thinning hair? Are there more hair strands in your hair brush each time you have your each brushed? Or perhaps you have been noticing more hair in the shower drain or bath every time you shower?

All these instances could mean you need to take a look into the causes of hair loss in women.

If there are older women with history of female pattern baldness (Alopecia in women) among your family members, you may also suffer risk of developing the female pattern hair loss. Knowing what causes this type of hair loss and what to do to prevent them might just help you in reducing your risk of developing baldness like every older woman in your family.

There are three major medical related causes of female hair loss namely:

  • Androgenic Alopecia
  • Telogen Effluvium
  • Alopecia Areata

Androgenic Alopecia which is also known as female pattern baldness is the major cause of women hair loss. This type of hair loss can affect any women in any stage of her life more so, if she already has a risk of developing hair loss from family history. If this is the case, then it is genetic with a high probability of developing hair loss like every of the older women in her family –her grandmother and her mom. What happens in androgenic alopecia is the hair follicles become too receptive to androgens in the blood stream. The hair follicles receptors respond to Androgen by producing less hair. With less hair been produced, your hair becomes thinner and gradually the follicles die and you become bald with little hair.

The second of the three major causes of female hair loss is Telogen Effluvium. This is occurs as a result of increased stress level in your life. Abnormally high level of long -term stress causes the thinning and falling out of your hair. You may experience this type of hair loss during pregnancy. Given all the changes your body experience during pregnancy, hair loss or thinning can occur with hormonal imbalance. However, after the stress level has been controlled, your hair will start growing back to normal.

Alopecia Areata is the third of the major causes of female badness. It may be associated with immunodeficiency in woman body. Once the immunodeficiency is known, treated and corrected, the hair loss stops and hair start growing back.

A woman may suffer hair loss due to other medical reasons such as vitamin, mineral and iron deficiencies. Liver problems and Thyroid abnormality can cause hair thinning. Chemotherapy for cancer treatment will cause a woman hair to fall out however, this is only temporary till the chemotherapy course is completed. Then, your hair should start growing back. Any of these hair loss causes can be short-term and once treatment is carried out and issue resolved, your hair can begin to grow back.

Menopause is another major reason for some women hair loss. Menopause exactly like pregnancy can cause a great deal of hormonal imbalance that makes hair to become weak and thin.

In case your hair becomes brutally damaged, talk to your doctor about female hair loss causes and ask to be tested for any of the above conditions to rule them out. Reduce stress may be just what’s needed in your life to get your full, head of hair back.




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