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Getting Hair Extensions Near Me [Tips]

Getting Hair Extensions Near Me [Tips]

Getting Hair Extensions Near Me

Every now and then, when people decide that they want hair extensions near me, they just make an appointment in a place near them and look for hair extensions. While this approach can sometimes work, the end result is often a damaged hair or a very unfortunate extension client. If you are informed and ready to receive hair extensions, you will avoid many of the common mistakes made during hair extension.

hair extensions near me

The best method to get Hair Extensions near me is to select a trained and certified stylist in various hair extension methods. That way, the stylist can tell you which method works best for you. Hair extensions are not a standard size. The different hair textures, the different hair conditions and the desired length and appearance of the same effect the type of hair extension method.

To find a beauty salon or hair extensions near me, you can contact the company directly for a list of certified stylists. This is the best way to find a qualified stylist. ATTENTION: There are some stylists who claim to have been certified and trained by the company, although this is not the case.

Always request a copy of your certification or call the company to make sure they are certified. We even came across several stylists who were ent-certified by a hair extension company due to numerous customer complaints.


3 Tips To Choose Your Natural Hair Extensions Near Me

If you have decided to put some natural hair extensions, but do not know what features you have to take into account, you have to take into account a number of factors so that you are not deceived. In this post we show you 3 fundamental tips to help you choose your best Hair Extensions near me:

1. Hair type: As a first point of getting Hair Extensions near me you should look at the hair type of what is the extension, it may be all synthetic, all natural or it may be mixed. An irrefutable proof to know if the hair is 100% natural is to ask if the extension can be dyed or if the iron can be passed to it.

If your answer is no, it is because it contains a percentage of synthetic that would prevent the hair from changing color, and that with the heat it will curl. So if you are looking for Hair Extensions near me that are 100% natural human hair you can search our website.

2. Type of extension system: another important tip of Hair Extensions near me is to consider what type of extension system is the one that will work best for you. There are many systems, but to solve your doubts the first question you have to ask is:

Do I want a fixed system or a removable system?

Depending on your daily life you can choose one option or another, if you like to put your extensions on specific days, and you can comb with normality you should choose, the clip on and clip in but for otherwise you want some hair extensions near me that do not have to think how to put them each morning, our recommendation is that you choose a fixed system such as the Micro-Clips System.

3. The grammage package: if you decide to buy some curtain extensions, to place it with the Micro-Clips system, you must take into account the weight of the package. Usually, the amount needed to make a good mane is about 80g. There are different brands that even recommend 120g hair extensions near me, but you have to look at how those 120g are distributed.

hair extensions near me


Extensions, Instructions For Use

To go from short to long or gain in hair mass in no time, we did not find better than the extensions! This technique, which consists of adding hair to you, is a resounding success and involves several methods. Many systems exist to allow you to gain a few extra centimeters or to show a hair denser. There are neither good nor bad, but some hair extensions have certain strengths.

hair extensions near me

Cold hair extensions

We use small metal rings to maintain the extension on the hair. Reassure yourself, these rings come from a non-oxidizable alloy and hypoallergenic. What we like in these hair extensions near me method is its great flexibility because it does not require a lot of material, both to install the extensions and to remove them.

Another undeniable asset of hair extensions near me technique, its respect of the hair fiber! It does not transform or alter the hair. So once the extensions are removed, your hair does not need to be treated or restructured.

Hot hair extensions

Another system is hot extensions, especially those that use resin or glue points. At Jean Louis David, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from others, that's why we do not use this technique but also because, for my part, I find it less good for the hair and especially much less flexible. Now, if you have used the cold hair extensions me method, you can go to any living room to have them removed. With this glue system, it is more complicated. It is necessary to have more material.

It is rarer today to see whole heads filled with extensions. Basically, they were mainly chosen by those who wanted to gain a lot of length in a very short time. In two hours, a whole head was made! But now, we realize in the hair salons that the extensions are also an option to add material to an already long hair, but little provided or to bring a variant to the chopped off.


Our tip

Extensions can be kept between 3 and 4 months. Provided they are well maintained. So remember to tie them when you go for a swim or before going to bed to prevent them from getting tangled.

Finally, avoid too much shooting when styling. The maintenance of extensions is the key to keep your hairstyle long. We hope that these hair extensions near me tips can be of help in your purchase of Hair Extensions, and remember that if you need more information you can find it on our website.



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