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10 TOP TIPS FOR HEALTHY HAIR - Lili's Touch Collections

Natural hair care is very essential for a healthy hair. It has been proven that unhealthy foods and excessive hair styling are factors that contribute to hair damage. To enhance the beauty and richness of your hair, you should endeavor to key in certain factors into your daily routine. Good nutritional diets, giving your body the important minerals and vitamins needed for growth and vitality. Make certain changes to your lifestyles to purge out toxins and all negativity that has effect on your body which will definitely reflect in your hair and be sure to follow natural care tips for healthy hair. Remember when you have a healthy hair, you will not only feel good but also look good.


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Below Are 10 Tips For Having And Maintaining Healthy Hair:

  1. As mentioned earlier, live healthy. Do you know when you are stress free, eat healthy, have regular exercise and avoid smoking, you become healthy and healthy you is healthy hair.
  2. Try as much as you could to stay away from excessive hair straightening, coloring ,waving and as many styling actions as while they make you look good, they deprive your hair of its health.
  3. Using hot air to dry out hair contributes to hair damaging. Make use of warm-cool air when you are drying your hair to prevent hair damage and also to contain your hair shine.
  4. Use of damp brush reduces friction, crackling and pulling of hair.
  5. Swimming is a very great form of exercising but do you know chlorine in swimming pools is bad for your hair? So also is salty water and too much sun .These are factors are so much bad that even great care products will find it had remedying their damage.
  6. Invest in one good shampoo that’s appropriate for your hair type. Remember to use in moderate quantity and also avoid applying to your hair roots, shampoo is meant for the scalp only. I know having a hair wash is essential after some time in the gym or running but you should know you can simply wash your hair without applying shampoo. Constant application is bad for the hair.
  7. Try to find time to visit your hairdresser for some hair trimming. Aside from preventing split ends into the hair, it will also enhance your looks.
  8. As mentioned earlier, the body needs good nutrient. Vitamin B family gives your body the essentials needed in fighting off hair problems such as dandruff, graying and hair loss. Integrate lots of vitamin B rich food into your diet and your hair will be happy you did!
  9. Always use wide tooth comb or even your fingers in detangling. Narrow tooth comb or brush will pull and stretch your hair leading to breaking and pressure on the scalp. And when you brush your hair, brush from the bottom through.
  10. Always towel dry your hair gently after shampoo before the application of conditioner. This will ensure the conditioner is contained in the hair without getting washed out with water left in the hair.


When you follow all the above mentioned tips for healthy hair judiciously, I bet you, your days of unhealthy hair will become history.


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